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GroundFloor_TATA.mp3 4.300.04.06 08:00:00THE TRANCE AND THE ARCADE01-06-00 GroundFloor2000Submass002 : Theatre Of CrueltyA MASSPARTICLES Project0:24:20
BlackCat_TATA9.19.99.mp3 5.600.04.06 08:00:00THE TRANCE AND THE ARCADE09-19-99 BlackCat2000Submass002 : Theatre Of CrueltyA MASSPARTICLES Project0:05:51128M44
THE_MACHINE_-_Kingdom_Of_Cruelty.mp3 2.5THE@ MACHINEKingdom Of Cruelty0:02:36128S44
THE_MACHINE_-_Kingdom_Of_Cruelty.mp3 2.5THE@ MACHINEKingdom Of Cruelty0:02:36128S44
THE_MACHINE_-_Kingdom_Of_Cruelty.mp3 2.5THE@ MACHINEKingdom Of Cruelty0:02:36128S44
Magazine-rhythm_of_cruelty.mp3 0.900.12.03 18:41:220:00:58128S44
TATA_Drones.mp3 3.400.04.07 08:00:00THE TRANCE AND THE ARCADEDrones For Mick Barr2000Submass002 : Theatre Of CrueltyA MASSPARTICLES Project0:04:09112M44
THE_MACHINE_-_Kingdom_Of_Cruelty.mp3 2.5THE@ MACHINEKingdom Of Cruelty0:02:36128S44
THE_MACHINE_-_Kingdom_Of_Cruelty.mp3 2.5THE@ MACHINEKingdom Of Cruelty0:02:36128S44
ElectroNova_-_Creation_of_Cruelty.mp 4.4ElectroNovaCreation Of Cruelty0:03:42160S44
Graveland - Creed Of Iron - 02 - Tyr 9.903.03.25 18:58:510:10:19128S44
14_-_Unknown_Obsession.mp3 4.402.07.31 20:57:13Act Of CrueltyUnknown Obsession1997Le Concept De L'Art CruelOh in fact it's a perfectly know0:04:38128S44
13_-_Mabul.mp3 1.902.07.31 17:58:23Act Of CrueltyMabul2001Archives CruellesAvons nous russi dissonne0:02:04128S44
04_-_Dark_Angel.mp3 2.802.07.31 20:11:25Act Of CrueltyDark Angel1997Le Concept De L'Art CruelThe drum version of Dark AngelEn0:02:55128S44
02_-_Captif.mp3 3.502.07.31 17:26:21Act Of CrueltyAudioTrack 022001Archives Cruellesa song from the very beginning o0:03:44128S44
B2_-_Eternal_Fight.mp3 3.402.07.31 19:26:02Act Of CrueltyEternal Fight1992First ActI fought hard to put this song a0:03:34128S44
01_-_Away.mp3 3.402.08.01 18:34:51Act Of CrueltyAway1995Tools For Creationa slow intro to penetrade the mo0:03:37128S44
03_-_The_Moon.mp3 18:56:40Act Of CrueltyThe Moon (looked Down And Crie1996Tools For DestructionA sad lovesong. The title's an e0:04:12128S44
07_-_Afore_Thou_Break_Her_Virgin_Kno 3.402.07.31 17:44:15Act Of CrueltyAfore Thou Break Her Virgin Kn2001Archives CruellesI had no title for the song : I'0:03:33128S44
03_-_Never.mp3 5.402.07.31 20:08:26Act Of CrueltyNever1997Le Concept De L'Art Cruel0:05:37128S44
05_-_Strange.mp3 6.902.07.31 20:18:41Act Of CrueltyStrange1997Le Concept De L'Art CruelA song about the sound of the tr0:07:12128S44
11_-_Locomotion_(Automatiq_Mix).mp3 17:54:05Act Of CrueltyLocomotion (Atomatiq Mix)2001Archives CruellesThe mad Eddy from Automatiq has0:03:10128S44
06_-_Pop_Is_Dead.mp3 2.702.07.31 20:21:33Act Of CrueltyPop Is Dead1997Le Concept De L'Art CruelAnother version, and still the s0:02:51128S44
15_-_Furious_Pear_Paradox.mp3 6.902.07.31 21:04:23Act Of CrueltyFurious Pear Paradox1997Le Concept De L'Art CruelLe0:07:11128S44
16_-_La_Danse_du_Sel_(demo).mp3 18:07:39Act Of CrueltyLa Danse Du Sel (demo)2001Archives CruellesPeut tre LA dernire chanson de A0:04:20128S44
12_-_N'aie_Pas_Pleur.mp3 20:47:30Act Of CrueltyN'aie Pas Pleur1997Le Concept De L'Art Cruel0:04:24128S44
02_-_Torture.mp3 2.902.08.01 18:52:42Act Of CrueltyTorture1996Tools For Destructionwe wanted to play fast and to sh0:03:01128S44
09_-_Welcome.mp3 2.302.07.31 20:32:29Act Of CrueltyWelcome1997Le Concept De L'Art CruelAn intro song !0:02:26128S44
17_-_Motivation_(demo).mp3 4.302.07.31 18:12:34Act Of CrueltyMotivation (demo)2001Archives Cruelles0:04:32128S44
A2_-_One_Last_Memory.mp3 2.402.07.31 19:00:41Act Of CrueltyOne Last Memory1992First Actplayed too many times ... I thin0:02:35128S44
04_-_Dark_Angel.mp3 2.702.07.31 17:32:26Act Of CrueltyDark Angel2001Archives CruellesThe drum version of this song :0:02:54128S44
01_-_The_Dog.mp3 19:56:36Act Of CrueltyThe Dog1997Le Concept De L'Art CruelThe drummer and the 2nd guitaris0:03:18128S44
04_-_Rage.mp3 4.902.08.01 18:48:06Act Of CrueltyRage1995Tools For CreationKind of laborated song far away0:05:07128S44
06_-_Gimme_Shelter.mp3 3.302.07.31 17:40:39Act Of CrueltyGimme Shelter2001Archives Cruellesunreleased vesion of our Sister'0:03:26128S44
05_-_Secret_Of_The_Night.mp3 4.502.07.31 17:37:14Act Of CrueltySecret Of The Night2001Archives Cruellesdrum version of this song from t0:04:44128S44
B5_-_Secret_Of_The_Night.mp3 4.402.07.31 19:37:48Act Of CrueltySecret Of The Night1992First ActAnother boring song !0:04:40128S44
05_-_Snow_Wins.mp3 3.802.08.01 19:06:38Act Of CrueltySnow Wins1996Tools For DestructionLyrics written in an hotel.Recor0:04:00128S44
08_-_Messiah_Of_Room_5.mp3 20:29:58Act Of CrueltyMessiah Of Room 51997Le Concept De L'Art CruelInspired by th emovie : "L' veil0:04:21128S44
10_-_Joyeux_Anniversaire.mp3 5.302.07.31 20:38:07Act Of CrueltyJoyeux Anniversaire1997Le Concept De L'Art CruelUne de nos dernires avant la fin0:05:37128S44
B3_-_Dark_Angel.mp3 2.902.07.31 19:29:05Act Of CrueltyDark Angel1992First ActOur first step to a real identit0:03:07128S44
09_-_Past_Rags.mp3 2.402.07.31 17:50:38Act Of CrueltyPast Rags2001Archives CruellesJust to show we were able to pla0:02:34128S44
A5_-_Strange.mp3 6.802.07.31 19:15:17Act Of CrueltyStrange1992First ActIt took me hours programming the0:07:09128S44
02_-_Times.mp3 18:38:50Act Of CrueltyTimes1995Tools For CreationThe story about the last day of0:04:12128S44
12_-_Choel.mp3 17:56:16Act Of CrueltyChoel2001Archives CruellesCe gars ivre vient nous parler a0:02:07128S44
02_-_Flesh_And_Blood.mp3 5.802.07.31 20:02:43Act Of CrueltyFlesh & Blood1997Le Concept De L'Art CruelShe was a vegetar0:06:06128S44
04_-_Turtle_82_part_C.mp3 6.302.08.01 19:02:52Act Of CrueltyTurtle 82 Part C1996Tools For DestructionOne of my favourites !turtle : a0:06:34128S44
13_-_Treasure.mp3 20:52:38Act Of CrueltyTreasure1997Le Concept De L'Art CruelDon't try to recreate lovestorie0:05:21128S44
03_-_Fire.mp3 17:29:40Act Of CrueltyFire2001Archives CruellesIntro song of our Epitaph demo t0:03:22128S44
A1_-_I.mp3 3.702.07.31 18:58:03Act Of CrueltyI1992First ActThe most interessant subject I h0:03:52128S44
B4_-_Captif.mp3 3.802.07.31 19:33:08Act Of CrueltyCaptif1992First Actchanson compose avant mon arrive0:03:58128S44

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