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08 - Track 8.mp3 3.304.01.17 16:56:19Simple MindsTrack 8Best Of Cd1
03 - Track 3.mp3 3.504.01.17 16:46:59Simple MindsTrack 3Best Of Cd1
17 - Track 17.mp3 2.804.01.17 17:11:57Simple MindsTrack 17Best Of Cd1
13 - Track 13.mp3 2.804.01.17 17:05:26Simple MindsTrack 13Best Of Cd1
07 - Track 7.mp3 3.504.01.17 16:54:29Simple MindsTrack 7Best Of Cd1
02 - Track 2.mp3 2.804.01.17 16:45:02Simple MindsTrack 2Best Of Cd1
15 - Track 15.mp3 17:08:42Simple MindsTrack 15Best Of Cd1
09 - Track 9.mp3 3.404.01.17 16:58:14Simple MindsTrack 9Best Of Cd1
06 - Track 6.mp3 16:52:29Simple MindsTrack 6Best Of Cd1
04 - Track 4.mp3 3.904.01.17 16:49:09Simple MindsTrack 4Best Of Cd1
05 - Track 5.mp3 2.804.01.17 16:50:46Simple MindsTrack 5Best Of Cd1
11 - Track 11.mp3 2.904.01.17 17:01:31Simple MindsTrack 11Best Of Cd1
10 - Track 10.mp3 2.904.01.17 16:59:53Simple MindsTrack 10Best Of Cd1
14 - Track 14.mp3 2.604.01.17 17:06:53Simple MindsTrack 14Best Of Cd1
16 - Track 16.mp3 2.904.01.17 17:10:21Simple MindsTrack 16Best Of Cd1
12 - Track 12.mp3 17:03:52Simple MindsTrack 12Best Of Cd1
01 - Track 1.mp3 16:43:27Simple MindsTrack 1Best Of Cd1
Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be 3.399.11.26 07:30:49Elton JohnRocket Man (I Think It's GoingThe Very Best Of (CD1)0:04:42 96M44
Candle In The Wind.mp3 2.799.11.26 07:30:05Elton JohnCandle In The WindThe Very Best Of (CD1)0:03:51 96M44
Someone Saved My Life Tonight.mp3 4.899.11.26 07:31:55Elton JohnSomeone Saved My Life TonightThe Very Best Of (CD1)0:06:47 96M44

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