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Warofages.mp3 4.402.09.03 23:39:59Descendants Of CainWar Of Ages2002Briah
The_Mark_of_Cain.mp325.902.12.15 11:51:300:54:04 64M44
Lookatthem.mp3 3.602.09.04 00:25:57Descendants Of CainLook At Them2000ATzILUTH0:05:03 96S44
Possession.mp3 3.302.09.04 00:03:59Descendants Of CainPossession2000ATzILUTH0:04:42 96S44
AudCDL01801.mp3 0.702.04.12 18:04:06Edith ByronSilk Dreams2000The Ballads Of Cain0:01:00 96S44
Breed_Of_Cain.mp3 1.600.09.08 18:10:27UNSANCTIFIEDBREED OF CAINEMPTY VEINSPretty fast0:03:22
The_Mark_of_Cain.mp3 9.702.12.15 11:55:450:54:04 24M22
Raise_of_cain.mp3 4.903.04.01 18:26:39Track 778099A090:05:06128S44
Bearer.mp3 3.802.09.03 23:10:04Descendants Of CainThe Bearer2002Briah
Madhouse.mp3 2.901.06.05 18:31:34Jacobs DreamMad House Of CainSameencoded with magicmp0:03:01128S44
PsiVamp_-_The_Curse_Of_Cain.mp3 6.903.08.08 00:14:12PsiVampCain's Curse0:07:12128S44
Mark Of Cain.mp3 3.900.06.05 09:23:180:04:08128S44
The_Mark_of_Cain.mp325.902.12.15 11:51:300:54:04 64M44
Keultjes_paulissen_van_heumen_van_de 5.2Keultjes, Paulissen, Van Heumen,Blessed Mark Of Cain
Keultjes_paulissen_van_heumen_van_de 5.0Keultjes, Paulissen, Van Heumen,Blessed Mark Of Cain
Alamantra_-_Mark_of_Cain.mp3 4.0AlamantraMark Of CainStem And StonePretty slow0:04:10128S44
Keultjes_paulissen_van_heumen_van_de 5.0Keultjes, Paulissen, Van Heumen,Blessed Mark Of Cain
Keultjes_paulissen_van_heumen_van_de 5.2Keultjes, Paulissen, Van Heumen,Blessed Mark Of Cain
JohnWright012004.mp312.104.01.22 20:48:59John WrightThe Curse Of Cain2004
The Mark Of Cain - Cut 'Em Down.mp3 1.902.12.17 12:42:46The Mark Of CainCut 'Em Down2001This Is This...Encoded with CD Ripper for Winam0:02:21112S44
06. The Setback.mp3 12:42:41The Mark Of CainThe SetbackBattlesickEncoded with CD Ripper for Winam0:02:33112S44
14-The_Mark_of_Cain.mp310.003.01.15 19:07:510:56:05 24M22
The Mark Of Cain - Lone Pine.mp3 3.902.12.17 12:42:37The Mark Of CainLone Pine2001This Is This...Encoded with CD Ripper for Winam0:04:40112S44
The_Mark_of_Cain.mp325.902.12.15 11:51:300:54:04 64M44
MP3\House-Of-Cain.mp3 01:17:16BALANCE OF POWERHouse Of CainPerfect Balance0:02:55 96S44
Master-race.[goc].mp3 14:31:43New Model ArmyMaster Race1986The Ghost Of Cain0:02:59 56S22
The-hunt.[goc].mp3 1.703.03.21 14:31:54New Model ArmyThe Hunt1986The Ghost Of Cain0:04:10 56S22
51st-state.[goc].mp3 14:36:12New Model Army51st State1986The Ghost Of Cain0:02:36 56S22
Journey_Sledge.mp3 11:50:07The Mark Of CainJourney By SledgePhantom 10th Birthday LP0:04:28 96S44
Seein.mp3 3.404.02.08 12:04:10Phantom 10th Birthday LPSeein' DoubleThe Mark Of Cain0:04:50 96S44
03-legacy_of_cain_-_burn_the_priest. 6.704.02.05 01:48:15Legacy Of CainBurn The Priest2004EPwww.legacyofcain.net
04-legacy_of_cain_-_sickness_of_the_ 5.304.02.05 01:59:08Legacy Of CainSickness Of The Night2004EPwww.legacyofcain.com
08-mark_of_cain.mp3 3.304.01.25 23:08:10Ryan Alexander SternbergMark Of Cain2004The Science Of Living0:03:32128S44

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