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Cool Light Waves Of Brown.mp3 3.702.10.10 02:12:150:03:54128S44
Cool Light Waves Of Brown.mp3 3.703.12.04 23:18:330:03:54128S44
01 - Sunday Afternoon.mp3 04:06:58Lighter Shade Of BrownSunday AfternoonLighter Shade Of Brown Live
KnightMusic.mp3 10:52:47Nick Ali & CRUZAO (clips)Knight MusicShades Of Brown0:01:10128S44
CoreCave.mp3 1.701.12.21 10:46:26Nick Ali & CRUZAO (clips)Core CaveShades Of Brown0:02:26 96S44
TwoClearNights.mp3 10:58:14Nick Ali & CRUZAO (clips)Two Clear Nights2000Shades Of Brown0:01:17128S44
TwoClearNightsTrumpetSolo.mp3 10:59:42Nick Ali & CRUZAO (clips)Two Clear Nights - Trumpet SolShades Of BrownExcellent0:01:21128S44
CoreCaveTrumpetSoloAndChant.mp3 1.301.12.21 10:47:55Nick Ali & CRUZAO (clips)Core Cave - Trumpet SoloShades Of Brown0:01:21
OnenessOfMind.mp3 10:55:29Nick Ali & CRUZAO (clips)Oneness Of Mind2000Shades Of Brown0:01:21128S44
CurrentConClaveTrumpetSoloAndInterlu 1.501.12.21 10:51:31Nick Ali & CRUZAO (clips)Current Con Clave - Trumpet SoShades Of BrownExcellent0:01:39128S44
CurrentConClave.mp3 1.601.12.21 10:49:43Nick Ali & CRUZAO (clips)Current Con Clave2000Shades Of Brown0:01:40128S44
KnightMusicTrumpetSolo.mp3 10:54:01Nick Ali & CRUZAO (clips)Knight Music - Trumpet SoloShades Of BrownExcellent0:01:08128S44
OnenessOfMindTrumpetSolo.mp3 10:56:51Nick Ali & CRUZAO (clips)Oneness Of Mind - Trumpet SoloShades Of BrownExcellent0:01:15128S44
Lsobsundayafternoon.mp3 3.603.08.15 07:48:30Lighter Shade Of BrownSunday Afternoon0:03:46128S44
NickAliandCRUZAO-CurrentConClave.mp3 1.403.03.31 00:35:06Nick Ali & CRUZAOCurrent Con Clave2002Shades Of Brown3-2 rumba clave
NickAliandCRUZAO-TwoClearNights.mp3 1.403.03.31 00:46:26Nick Ali & CRUZAOTwo Clear Nights2002Shades Of BrownLively Brazilian samba0:01:33128S44
NickAliandCRUZAO-MagoMalpensado-enli 00:39:16Nick Ali & CRUZAOMago Malpensado2002Shades Of BrownTune that encapsulates the seduc0:01:15128S44
NickAliandCRUZAO-KnightMusicTrumpetS 1.303.03.31 00:37:54Nick Ali & CRUZAOKnight Music - Trumpet Solo2002Shades Of Brown0:01:24128S44
NickAliandCRUZAO-KnightMusic.mp3 00:36:22Nick Ali & CRUZAOKnight Music2002Shades Of Brown0:01:10128S44
NickAliandCRUZAO-SoaJrel.mp3 1.603.03.31 00:44:44Nick Ali & CRUZAOSoa Jrel2002Shades Of Brown0:01:45128S44
NickAliandCRUZAO-Current-Interlude4- 2.403.03.31 00:33:28Nick Ali & CRUZAOInterlude4-TrptSolo-Interlude52002Shades Of Brownchanting interlude 4 - Brownman'0:02:35128S44
NickAliandCRUZAO-Vertical.mp3 00:47:43Nick Ali & CRUZAOVertical2002Shades Of BrownFAST 3-2 rumba clave
Shades_of_brown.mp3 4.00:04:12128S44
Mi Barrio Loco.mp3 5.404.01.20 18:48:52Shades Of BrownMi Barrio Loco0:11:18 64S44
LSOB-Interrogated.mp3 03:39:50Lighter Shade Of BrownInterrogated Cause I'm Brown P
LSOB-Homies.mp3 03:07:28Lighter Shade Of BrownHomies0:04:10160S44

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